Indonesian evening in Békéscsaba

26 June, 2012

The Jókai Theater of Békéscsaba has become Indonesia for an evening on this Thursday

The visitors could examine colorful, hand dyed traditional clothes, intricately carved statues and other handicrafts besides the exotic dances that were performed in the evening.

The event was attended by Maruli Tua Sagala, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Hungary. Upon welcoming the spectators the ambassador introduced his country which consists of more that 17.000 islands, encompasses 354 ethnic groups and has a population of 240 million people, which makes it the fourth biggest democracy of our world.

’The national motto of Indonesia  is ’Unity in diversity’. Following this principle we think that tolerance, mutual understanding and acceptance are the most important values’ – said the ambassador who was born in North-Sumatra the sister province of Békés county. On this occasion Zoltán Farkas, the president of the county was also present and welcomed the guests from the distant land. Gyula Vantara, the mayor of Békéscsaba, who also held a speech has pointed out that the motto of Indonesia resonates well with the city of Békéscsaba as the township was home to 5 different ethnic groups for centuries.

The performance of traditional dance and music gave a rare opportunity to see Indonesian dancers in glittering costumes and to hear unique musical instruments. The performance was made even more special by the fact that alongside the Indonesian artists several Hungarians were also included. They have professionally learned the art of the exotic moves or the art of Indonesian music.

Truly, everything was about Indonesia that evening in the Jókai Theater. The visitors could get to know more closely the culture of this special archipelagic country and the way of thinking of its people.


Csabai Mérleg


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